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Welcome to See Through News

Speeding Up Carbon Drawdown by Helping the Inactive Become Active

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How See Through News Exploits Social Media

social media network exploiting for see through news content delivery architecture

Overview of our Content Delivery Architecture

While deferring to no one in our contempt for our Silicon Valley Overlords and their social media networks, these blinkered sociopaths have built something truly extraordinary.

No one who aspires to reach and influence people, let alone Help the Inactive Become Active, can afford to ignore Facebook, YouTube, TikTok and Twitter, but our zero-budget approach makes the ‘free’ online infrastructure provided by our SVOs particularly important.

We’ve leveraged their fantastic array of ‘free’ social media platforms in pursuit of our Goal. What’s intriguing is that the people who built them appear to assume that everyone who uses them is motivated by the same thing they are – money. In general this involves selling eyeballs to advertisers so they can persuade us to buy more stuff, which puts more carbon in the atmosphere, quite apart from the carbon cost of running the whole shebang.

It’s only tech, neither good nor evil

What’s downright fascinating is that the technology works just as well if you’re trying to do the reverse, and reduce carbon. These platforms may be optimised to multiply eyeballs, make money and facilitate users who share these objectives, but it turns out they work just as well if your aim is to Speed Up Carbon Drawdown.  

Better, sometimes, as non-profit motives reveal exploitable features of their algorithms, as our probing for ways to ju-jitsu the technology behind these platforms to our purpose has revealed. 

They may be designed to put more carbon into the atmosphere by persuading us to buy more crap we don’t need, but we’ve found the same virtual infrastructure can be used to remove carbon from the atmosphere, by facilitating Effective Climate Activism.

We’ve found several ways in in which doing the latter reveals glitches and cracks that can be used to undermine the former. We’re still discovering new ones, and new ways of exploiting them, but for all the damage our Silicon Valley Overlords have wrought on our society, they’ve also provided an extraordinarily powerful and sophisticated network for See Through News to pursue its goal of carbon drawdown, at zero cost.

Always pragmatic, See Through News started with the platform that reaches the most eyeballs, Facebook, and worked its way down.

We’ve claimed the See Through News handle on every platform we’ve come across (please alert us if you find one we’ve missed), but our focus so far has been on the Big Two, Facebook and YouTube.  

We have some presence on Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, Reddit, Tumblr, which we’ll build in future, or adopt for specific projects, but in the short term we’ll focus on improving this website and integrating the major platforms with it.  

Horizontal/Geographic Facebook Groups 

One matrix of our Facebook groups is our five levels, categorised by relative scale [pilot groups in brackets]. More are being added all the time – contact us if you’d like us to set up a new See Through Group:

Vertical/Topic Facebook Groups

Our second matrix is based on subject matter, like Desks in a newsroom.  Posts from these Topic Groups can be cross-posted to relevant Geographic, Topic or Project Groups.

We’re adding new ones all the time, but examples include:


Project Facebook Groups

These are Facebook Groups for our various Projects, e.g.: