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Speeding Up Carbon Drawdown by Helping the Inactive Become Active

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Games for effective climate action – GRIBbage

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Our Fun, Free, Factful paper-and-pencil game to switch the focus from individual behaviour change to government regulation

Fun being the best way to engage people, at See Through News we’re all for games. A good game can reach a huge audience – so long as they’re fun to play.

Try this one. Like The Learn Game, it’s based on Project Drawdown’s Table of Solutions, but this one can be played with paper, pencil and access to the internet (or our own summary of the Table of Solutions here).



Any number of players, individuals, teams or both.


paper, writing implements, and access to the internet.


Ask everyone to:

  • List, in order, the Top 5 Solutions to slow down Global Warming, as calculated by top boffins based on current proven technology.
  • Guess the proportion of the Top 20 Solutions that mainly require:
  1. Government Regulation (GR)
  2. Individual Behaviour (IB)

and express this as a GRIB ratio – 50:50, 60:40. 30:70 etc.

Then collect all players’ lists to score them. This is where you need the Internet.

The Right Answers

Go to our summary list here, or go to the Project Drawdown website and find their Table of Solutions. World expert scientists and researchers have categorised close to 100 different ways we can reduce or remove carbon, and ranked them according to their efficacy, as well as costing them.

Top of the list is the lowest-hanging fruit, i.e. the most effective way of reducing carbon, #2 is the next most effective and so on.

These are the right/wrong answers we also use in The Learn Game, a more elaborate real-world and online version of GRIBbage.

Scoring System:

With reference to Project Drawdown’s Table of Solutions, score each player’s list as follows:

  • 1 point for every correct Top 5 Solution
  • 1 bonus point for each correct ranking (i.e. the right answer in the right position)
  • 5 bonus points for a GRIB within 25% of the correct ratio
  • 10 point jackpot for a perfect GRIB
  • 5 point deduction for any GRIB ratio that’s the reverse, or worse, than the right answer.

So that’s a maximum score of 20, and a minimum of -5.

And there’s more… 

After you’ve declared the Winner, answer one or both of these questions for extra bonus points:

  1. Why do we know our Top 5 Billionaires, but not our Top 5 Ways to Save Ourselves?
  2. Why don’t we all know the correct GRIB?

Let us know your scores and answers in the Comments, as we’d very much like to know.