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Welcome to See Through News

Speeding Up Carbon Drawdown by Helping the Inactive Become Active

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See Through Building – a Multi-platform Forum to Speed Up Carbon Drawdown

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From homeowners to architects, planners, policymakers and the construction industry, See Through Building is a new forum to focus effective climate action

See Through Building is a free online resource for anyone interested in providing places for people to live, work and play without pumping more carbon into Earth’s atmosphere.

See Through Building consists of two documentaries, suggested discussion points, references and resources.

The resource is designed to stimulate discussion amongst all kinds of builders and building users, from architects CPD (continuous professional development), to student seminars, house-builders and home-owners.

See Through Building is provided pro bono by non-profit social media network See Through News, to further its Goal of:

Speeding Up Carbon Drawdown By Helping the Inactive Become Active

As a starting point, See Through Building will be making documentaries on building topics available as a free resource, in concert with our YouTube channel Playlist, Facebook Group and broader social media network.

Here’s the first such documentary, originally made by Litmus Films for Japanese public broadcaster NHK in 2006.

Bill Dunster – Building To Zero Carbon

More to come soon…