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Speeding Up Carbon Drawdown by Helping the Inactive Become Active

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Free Carbon Drawdown Activisation Resources

free carbon drawdown activisation resources inspiration motivation effective climate action brainstorming

Fun, friendly, factful See Through News Resources to inspire, brainstorm and help the Inactive become Active

Fun, Friendly, Factful carbon drawdown

  • This article is part of a series of linked articles See Through News used to train its volunteer citizen journalists in how to create high quality video reports on zero budget.
  • Our Global Reporter Intensive Training (GRIT) programme is designed for complete novices of all ages. Trainees require no more than a smartphone and internet access.
  • GRIT is suitable for self-study or for use in groups, and like all See Through News resources are open source and free to use (but please acknowledge See Through News if you do).

Here’ our suggested sequence to read these GRIT articles:

  1. GRIT User’s Guide: an overview of the course and how you can use it
  2. How To Tell Video Stories: visual storytelling basics
  3. Free Carbon Drawdown Activisation Resources: (this article) some ideas to stimulate your ideas
  4. How To Plan A Video: for video, as for life, good preparation saves time and frustration
  5. How To Shoot A Video: 3 Rules: basics for acquiring good images and sound
  6. How To Edit A Video: 5 Steps: basics for clear visual storytelling

This article lists various in-house resources See Through News has created to help any activists, teachers, students, or Unwilling Inactivists take the path from climate Inaction to effective climate action.

They’re all designed to align with, and serve, the See Through News Goal of:

Speeding up Carbon Drawdown by Helping the Inactive Become Active

We may add third-party resources to this list, but nearly all the articles listed below include links to outside resources related to their particular aspect of carbon drawdown.

See Through News Website Key Articles

For basic orientation on what carbon drawdown is, and See Through New’s particular perspective and approach to accelerating it, the articles listed under the ‘About’ dropdown menu on the home page are a good start.

See Through News Website Topic Articles

Every article on the See Through News website you’re now visiting is related to some aspect of carbon drawdown. They’re all categorised according to the See Through News taxonomy mentioned above.

If you’re window shopping for inspiration, simply browse your way around the website. We try hard to keep pace with the volume of articles, but not all articles may be perfectly categorised. If you don’t find them by one of these methods, the other should work:

  • Via the Home Page Search bar – just enter ‘water’, ‘transport’, ‘energy’ etc. into the search bar and see what comes up
  • Via the Topics Drop Down Menu – this is more logically arranged, using our content taxonomy’s specific terms

See Through News Topic Facebook Groups

The main route by which See Through News reaches Unwilling Inactivists, is via our social media network. Our hierarchy of Facebook Groups is particularly effective, and relatively well resourced.

They include topic-based Facebook Groups, where articles relevant to the scope of each group are posted, and members are free to comment and share. Some of these Facebook groups are more populated than others, but they all have interesting and accessible articles on their particular areas of carbon drawdown, for example:

For a broader view of the power dynamics behind these specific carbon-generating sectors, take a look at:

See Through News YouTube Channel Playlists

YouTube is another key social media vector for See Through News content, comment and engagement. The See Through News Youtube Channel has playlists categorised using the same taxonomy. Most of the videos featured are original See Through News content, but we also include a few third-party videos that hit the carbon drawdown spot.

Again, some Playlists are sparser than others at the moment, but all the videos will be exactly on message.

See Through Games

See Through News is developing a suite of three interlinked games to help the Inactive Become Active. Together, The Think Game, The Learn Game, and The Act Game make up See Through Games.

They’re all designed to stimulate ordinary people onto a path to speed up carbon drawdown through effective climate action. They’re fun to play, but it’s also stimulating, entertaining and interesting to watch videos of others playing.

The Learn Game in particular is designed to be a fun way to understand the most effective and fastest ways to reduce carbon. If you want to play at home, while we develop the online versions, you’re welcome to replicate the game with some wooden blocks, or even strips of paper. The article explains how.

Or play GRIBbage, a paper-and-pencil game based on the same source, Project Drawdown’s Table of Solutions. 


Please let us know if you recommend any third-party resources to add to this list. There are plenty out there, but we’ve never been short of science, facts and numbers. Changing people’s minds and behaviour through compelling storytelling is the hard bit.

Hence the second part of our Goal of:

Speeding Up Carbon Drawdown by Helping the Inactive Become Active