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Speeding Up Carbon Drawdown by Helping the Inactive Become Active

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Media Head of the Beast Projects: Summary

media head of the beat projects effective climate action carbon drawdown

Our main media-targeted projects designed to speed up carbon drawdown & promote effective climate action

Our take on podcasts – proper bedtime stories designed to keep you awake because you want to know What Happens Next, and challenging you to separate the Truth from the Lies of our fictionalised true stories.

Our public media literacy project, designed to draw attention to the under-reported problem of the concentration of media ownership in local newspapers.

Our version of the Bechdel Test for representation of women in culture, designed to score how ethical your local newspaper’s coverage is. 

What happens when you ask a ‘vox pop’ (from vox populi , the ‘voice of the people’, AKA person-on-the-street interview) without an agenda. A fun public media literacy campaign that showcases the power of video editing.

The See Through News 60” Climate Activism Challenge, a fun way to, if nothing else, make you have thought a bit harder about what constitutes effective climate activism than you had 60 seconds ago.