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Speeding Up Carbon Drawdown by Helping the Inactive Become Active

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Our Magic See-Through Mirror AI Project -Kids Version

effective climate action carbon drawdown activism AI

Our AI algorithm project explained in allegorical, fairy-tale video form for 6-year-olds and up

Few people grasp effective climate action. Even fewer are comfortable with AI tech. So how does See Through News seek to explain The Magic See-Through Mirror, our bleeding-edge AI project designed to promote effective climate action in terms kids can understand?

As we claim to be storytellers, See Through News challenged itself to use our storytelling methodology to explain our super-ambitious AI project to Speed Up Carbon Drawdown by Helping the Inactive Become Active as simply as possible.

Specifically, we attempted to do it

  • in less than ten minutes
  • in language a six-year-old could understand, even if they couldn’t follow the concepts

Effective Climate Action in Fairy-Tale Form

Here’s the result, in a series of 1-minute videos.

Parts 1, 2 & 3, re-tell you things you already know, but using unfamiliar fairy-tale language.

Parts 4, 5, 6 & 7 tell you things you almost certainly don’t know, using the same fairy-tale code-words.

Part 8 is the call to action.

If you’re already familiar with current technology and terminology, here’s the Geek Version.

If having got the hang of this project in principle, you’d like a specific example of how it would work, here’s a case study involving Farmer Rick.

If you’d like a beginner’s guide to vectors and ontological taxonomy tagging, here’s a short video involving tennis balls and velcro.

In Part 1, we tell the story of the Industrial Revolution, in a minute.

In Part 2, we explain the Greenhouse Effect, in a minute.

So far, so good? In Part 3, we rattle through the Digital Revolution, in a minute.

Simple, right? In Part 4, we start to wade into the weeds of how Big Data works, in a minute.

In Part 5, we look at two requirements for developing this climate activism algorithm, in a minute.

In Part 6, we reveal the kind of people needed to make the magic come true, in a minute.

In Part 7, we outline the user interface tech, in a minute.

And finally, in Part 8, we explain what you can do about it, in much less than a minute.

If you’d like to know more about this open-source project, or to volunteer, please email

Narration Transcript

The Magic See-Through Mirror

By SternWriter


Part 1: Man’s Powerful Idea        

Hooray!       10

A couple hundred years ago

Life was nasty, brutish, short

A man espied some burning coal 

And had a crazy Thought.

What if we release this mighty force

of coal, peat, oily stuff 

And make us stronger than a horse!

Eternal! More than enough!

We dug up Carbon long interred, 

Turned H2O all steamy

From Ground to Air, Carbon transferred.

Once Nasty, Life turned Dreamy.

We turned the Carbon into Gold

Out-pulled a thousand horses

Man-kind, and Gold, grew manyfold,

But triggered awful Forces.


 Part 2: A Good Idea Turns Bad        

Ooops          7

Good Things came, Gold piled in carts

But Bad Things, they grew too.

Not Fast, like Gold, but in fits and starts

Fires burned, rain poured, snow snew.

Then some Wise Folk became aware

That Carbon was the Villain, 

Put more Carbon in the Air – 

And our children won’t have children.

Moving Carbon to the Air,

The Wise Folk told their masters,

Might at first bring Heaps of Gold, 

But then, it brings Disasters.

Heralds should have spread the word

Though it was inconvenient

But Heralds are paid in Carbon Gold,

With bosses far from lenient.


Part 3: A New Idea, Neither Good nor Bad   Data        7

Now some guys in a Vale of Glass

Found a brand new gold Creator

They spun a Web to make more Gold

Not from Earth, but loadsa Data!

The Smartest brains throughout the land 

All came to Glassy Valley

They taught machines to understand

And learn, and think, and tally.

Web Gold soon surpassed Black Gold

And made new Billionaires

Heralds soon politely knocked,

Looked nervous, smoothed their hairs.

For they all knew our future Hinges

On Drawing Down that Carbon

And if we all prolong our Binges

Our future will be Spartan.

Part 4:  The Third Way     

Bubbles          8

In days of yore, if things were bad

And we had to cut our losses.

We only had two ways to go

To sway the ways of our bosses.

One – a Bullet! From the end of a gun

For Baddies too grand for elections.

Two – a Ballot! The blood-free one,

To make clear our objections.

But the Big Potatas’ web concoctions

Can Do this too, no troubles.

By tracking eyeballs, holding auctions,

Not with Bullets, nor Ballots, but Bubbles!

Bubbles of thought, by plebs or celebs,

Tagged, then connected with strings

Then flung in the sea of the World Wide Webs

Produce some magical things.

Follow the strings, connect the things

That you Clicked, and Followed and Liked

Then all of a sudden, rulers and kings

Need to listen, or go take a hike.

Part 5: The Magic See-Through Mirror  

2 tricks          8

Some bloke dreamed up in a shed 

A Magic See-Through Mirror.

To help the Pure of Heart and Head

Give Human-kind a breather.

Wise Folk said ‘This thing can sing!

With Tags, and, Likes and  Clicks,

But if you want the Real Thing,

For that, you’ll need Three Tricks.

‘Trick One is tip-top Training Data’

From Heralds Pure of Heart

Trick Two requires one Big Potata 

To help us from the start.

If the Big Potatas share that Data

In the Valley of Pure Glass 

Providing Code to Automate her- 

A Mirror that Kicks Mean Arse.

Part 6: The Third Trick – 

Geeks        8/9

I said we needed tricks Threefold

To ensure this mirror speaks

As well as Tip Top fuel, and Gold

The final Trick needs Geeks.

Trick One needs Heralds Pure of Heart

Trick Two a Billionaire

Trick Three – the Smartest of the Smart 

All Tearing out their hair.

They find the way, the secret code 

To help us, you and me

To link what comes from our Fingers and Tongues

To all those Bubbles, in the sea.

Link pure thoughts to draw down carbon

To this ocean full of bubbles

And we find that extra margin

To solve our terrible troubles

Part 7: Secrets of the See-Through Mirror

Ask                   9

So how to Speed up Carbon Drawdown

with the Mirror our Geeks have crafted?

The Pure of Heart, with fingers or tongue

Need only use this password.

‘See-Through Mirror on the Wall

‘If I give you my de-carbon list

How Much Carbon Down Can I Draw?’

You tell me whose arms to twist’

Tell the Mirror what you possess, 

What land, what gold, what water.

And it will tell you how to make

Rulers do just what they oughtta.

Not what to do – that’s a piece of cake 

But how to break old moulds.

For Change is hard when news is Fake

And Heralds paid in Carbon Gold.

‘See-Through Mirror on the Wall

Whose ears to bend, and how to bend ‘em?

How Much Carbon Down Can I Draw?’

Enhance my spend, comprehend ‘em.

The Mirror searches all our wisdom

How to sway decision-makers,

And puts it through an Al – go – Rhythm

To amplify these make-or-breakers.


Over to You 8

Who knows how this story ends?

But you can help to write it. 

Shrug your shoulders, wring your hands,

Or take a stand, and Fight it.