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Taiwan China podcast review

Lijia Zhang

Lijia Zhang taught herself English in the 1980s, while greasing machine parts at a Chinese intercontinental missile factory. Now based in London, Lijia has written novels, and a memoir about her remarkable life story.  She is a frequent commentator and lecturer on contemporary China.


As a Chinese who grew up in the mainland, I only had a vague idea about Dachen Island, an island group offshore of Taiwan. I certainly had no idea about what happened to it or its residents in 1955.

I listened to this podcast series with great interest at a time when Taiwan has become a news hotspot, in the wake of American Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s visit. I got hooked straight away.

To start with, it is a wonderful human story, vividly told. Also, it gives listeners a great deal of valuable information about Taiwan.

What makes this podcast series stand out is its first class story-telling. Once you begin, you’ll just have to keep listening to the end.

I can’t recommend it any higher.